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Debenhams to close as Boohoo purchases website

“We were saddened to hear the news about Debenhams’ store closure and the associated job losses. The last year has been challenging for the retail sector, exacerbated by the challenges arising from the Covid-19 pandemic. This national picture highlights the need for the repurposing of space within our town centres, which the proposals for the Eastgate Quarter seek to address. Basildon town centre needs to grow and evolve to ensure its survival, and the introduction of different uses for the space left by retail closures is a key part of this.

“The application for the Eastgate Quarter will create a vibrant mixed-use destination for the people of Basildon. The introduction of homes, businesses and activities for all will be set in welcoming and green public spaces, reshaping the existing shopping centre. As people continue to spend an increasing amount of time within their local areas, the need for experiences and the importance of community continues to grow and we hope to provide something that will reinvigorate the town. We understand the importance of the shopping centre and its associated retail offering and the regeneration plans seek to evolve the offer to provide a rightsized high quality shopping destination for the people of Basildon.

“We continue to work with retailers and businesses to support them during this period, and continue to work closely with the team at Debenhams at this time.” Graeme Jones, Sovereign Centros