Eastgate LED Drummers

Saturday 16th December – Special Event

LED Drummers Take Over Eastgate

Get ready to witness a spectacular and electrifying performance as the mesmerising LED drummers take center stage at Eastgate Shopping Centre on Saturday, December 16th, starting at 11 am. This highly anticipated event promises to be an extraordinary experience for shoppers and visitors of all ages.

The LED drummers are a world-renowned act that combines the power of percussion with cutting-edge LED technology. Dressed in illuminated costumes, they create a visually stunning display of rhythmic precision and dazzling lights. As they move in perfect synchrony, their LED drumsticks leave streaks of vibrant colors in the air, mesmerizing the audience and turning the event into a sensory delight.

These performers bring a unique blend of music, light, and dance to the shopping center, making it an event that transcends traditional entertainment. Their high-energy drumming and choreography will have the audience on their feet, clapping and cheering for more.

As the drummers perform, the atmosphere will become charged with excitement and Christmas spirit. Families, friends, and shoppers alike will be drawn to this captivating show, making it a perfect prelude to the holiday season.

The LED drummers’ special event on December 16th at Eastgate Shopping Centre promises to be a showstopper, a magical moment that will leave a lasting impression on everyone fortunate enough to attend. Don’t miss this extraordinary performance that fuses technology, music, and visual artistry into a one-of-a-kind Christmas spectacle.